Keyword research

                      This keyword  for global & local brassiness man.

I am use google AdWords, Spyfu, Seo book & Mozbar for select this keyword research file.

 Specialty of this keywords is:

1. Minimum suggested Bit is $1 & averse suggested Bit $2.86. no keyword selected suggested bit lase than $1.

2.Minimum local monthly searches is :3600 but maximum keyword local monthly searches are more than 10,000+

3.Minimum global monthly searches is: 6600 but maximum keyword global monthly searches are 20,000+.

4.Every keyword selected by low computation (google AdWords) except just 2 keyword selected by medium computation.  same keyword suggested by spyfu & seo book.

5.This keyword file give you about keyword you can easily understand which keyword going rising or stable.

6.This file give you page PA&DA & attendants of social you can easily have identified which keyword you selected for easy way to go google fast page ranking.

 7. Allintitle help you selected for the right keyword

8.Finale I give you remark(suggestion). which keyword best for your biasness. which keyword you select & easy way to go google fast page rank.


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