Sunday, 4 September 2016

How to Rank Your Website in Less Than Six Month

By Tareq Chowdhury

The success of your website lies in the number of views that it gets and its visibility in the result pages of top search engines like Google. It is indeed a tough task to figure in the top search lists of Google, but if you know your basics and stay updated about the latest trends in the online marketing industry, you can make your website a huge success. Do you want to improve the page ranking of your websites and get more people to view it? Do you want to increase your web traffic within a short span of time? The following tips will help you in this process.

1.Keyword selection
Keyword selection is fast and most important for your business. How many traffic visit your web site it’s 80% depend, what kind keyword you select for your website. So you need very careful selection about keyword. If you select right keyword for your website, then google page rank quake rising. Because people when search website than using if your keywords beater than others more traffic come your website.
2. Excellent content
While it is true that search engines like Google use their own set of algorithms that one needs to satisfy to get improved ranking, it is also true that no amount of technological sophistication can beat the simple beauty of excellent content. Ensure that your website is loaded with high-quality content that speaks about the nature of your business in very simple terms, so that even a layman can understand the same. For every business, there are different keywords defined by search engines. Do a complete analysis of these and use your business - related keywords naturally in the content so that you can rank your website quite quickly.
3. Link-building and web Directory
One of the most powerful elements in SEO is link-building. You should ensure that your website has at least a couple or all of these links - backlinks, inbound links, internal links, external links, no-follow links and do-follow links. The internet is replete with information about how you can link your site using these techniques to improve your page ranking. Getting the professional help of a SEO expert is highly recommended as he/she would be aware of the latest SEO trends of link-building and use them accordingly in your site to improve your site's visibility.
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4. Social networking and submission
Social media is a very powerful platform today to express opinions and feedback. So, you need to make use of this platform fully well in order to boost your ranking within a short span. Share your website on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Squidoo and the like. Get people talking about your site and understand their opinions. Take feedback in a constructive manner and incorporate suggestions of your target audiences, wherever possible. Always respond on time to their queries and complaints, so that you can build a good reputation for your site.
5.Classified ad
Classified ad one of the most useful online marketing system. It’s help local (city basis) and global both kind of business. If you doing Properly classified ad, lot of people read your ad and most of people visit your website. More traffic more business and rising google page rank.

6. Email marketing
We should never forget our roots, shouldn't we? So, while it is alright to adopt sophisticated strategies like the ones discussed above, let us not forget our old and time-tested online marketing technique - email marketing. With this technique, you can reach out to a wide group of target audience with a single email, by creating templates. With latest features in this, you can track the replies that you get from potential customers who are interested in your products or services. It is one of the best ways to have backups of communication that happened many years ago. The above discussed online marketing techniques help you to boost your ranking within a very short span of time. You will be pleasantly thrilled to see the results right before your eyes, as you can't help but feel more than content to see the page ranking of your website rise steadily

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